Tunic and Vest

These can be done in most any fabric. However, they are best done in a medium to heavy weight fabric such as corduroy, microsuede, lightweight wools, linen-type fabrics, heavier cottons, tapestry, brocade, etc...


Front Slit Opening with Laces, Button, or Frog.

Back Opening

Puffy Sleeve with Cuff

Straight Sleeve (No Cuff)

No Sleeve (Vest)

Also see the Men's Separates Page for the Royal tunic, Zorro shirt, and Cloaks.


Leggings must be done in a knit (stretchy) fabric only.


Best done in a medium weight/stiffer fabric such as heavier linens, microsuede, corduroy, medium wools, etc...


No Sleeves (vest)

Long Sleeve

No Collar

Stand-Up Collar